CI Capital Research

Since late 2012, the research team with its combined equity research experience of 32 years, has already made rapid headway in its aim to offer an unparalleled research product, boasting the largest coverage of Egypt and reaching out into the region. Fund managers have shown recognition of the Research team’s product’s quality, with CI capital being the sole Egyptian research house to have ranked 5 out of 32 regional and global brokerage firms who participated in Extel’s 2016 Middle East and North African Survey. Compared to other local firms, CI Capital Research had 5 research analysts in the top 20 of Extel’s 2016 Middle East and North African Survey, out of 158 who participated in the survey.

CI Capital Research continues to grow its coverage almost daily, targeting coverage of more than 80% of the aggregate MENA market cap by 2017.

We offer an unrivaled, comprehensive product lineup, as well as access to senior management at leading MENA corporations through management roadshows, reverse roadshows, and one-on-one conference calls. We are also the organiser of the largest Egypt-focused investor conferences held annually across Cairo, South Africa, London and New York, which play host to participants including high-level Egyptian government officials, Central Bank of Egypt policymakers, and senior corporate managers.

Our research takes a thematic approach, featuring a top-down perspective in conjunction with foundational bottom-up analysis to present institutional and high-net-worth / retail investors with the strongest possible opportunities for investment in the MENA equity space. We maintain a particular emphasis on consumer, financial, healthcare, industrial, real estate, and telecom stocks.

CI Capital Research at a Glance

  • +80% of MENA market cap coverage universe by 2017
  • Ongoing access to senior management at leading Egyptian corporations
  • Sophisticated bottom-up and top-down analysis
  • 20 professionals
  • 32 years of combined research experience
  • Ranked 5 out of 32 regional and global brokerage firms in Extel 2016 MENA Survey
  • Research analysts in the top 20, out of 158, in the Extel 2016 MENA Survey

Comprehensive Product Offering

  • Macro Watch — A periodic review looking at Egypt’s bigger picture
  • Equity strategy notes
  • Thematic strategy notes
  • Newsflashes
  • Industry-thematic reports
  • Initiation of coverage reports, updates, and newsflashes
  • Daily notes — news, views, and the latest data

Head of Research

  • Alia El Mehelmy

    Alia El Mehelmy has 13 years of equity research experience. She spent most of this time at HSBC where she was the bank’s Egypt equity research team leader (c95% of MSCI Egypt Index). This role, alongside her coverage of Middle East and Africa construction, industrials and consumer research, was a critical component of HSBC’s MENA franchise at the time. Her product was well-recognized, achieving a top 5 Extel ranking in EMEA industrials in 2011.