A New Era

The striking change of our logo and the simultaneous relaunch of our website together mark the official beginning of a new era at CI Capital.

Change is not something that corporations are renowned for willingly embracing, but we are fortunate to have a corporate parent in the form of CIB and its world-class management team that embraces change when it comes with a clear and decisive purpose.

Our relaunch today comes after nearly two years of work behind the scenes at CI Capital that has seen us recruit an entirely new team of leaders for our Securities Brokerage, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Research franchises. Two years ago, we were a specialist advisor in small- and mid-cap deals and a top-five broker; today, we stand as the number-one broker in Egypt and the partner of choice for institutions seeking advisory on large, sophisticated transactions.

Our Brokerage and Research divisions are serving global institutions with finesse and began 2013 by hosting back-to-back investor conferences in London and New York at which C-suite executives from 15 top Egyptian companies met face-to-face with asset managers controlling AUM north of USD 8.7 trillion. Our Asset Management division followed suit by launching Al-Thabet, a new fixed income fund, while Investment Banking is the sole local financial advisor to OCI NV in its USD 8.8 billion mandatory tender offer for Orascom Construction Industries SAE. Our Research house now employs globally ranked Extel analysts and is delivering unique and timely insights on an increasingly wide and growing MENA coverage universe.

Meanwhile, as others hold back from investing in human capital amid challenging market conditions, we are proud to be investing in our people and their future with the launch this year of our first annual Analyst Training Program. The program will give bright young class of 2013 seniors and recent graduates the skills they need to succeed in finance — and a shot at a full-time position at CI Capital.

Against this background, we are launching today both our new home on the web and our new logo.

Our website is a dramatic departure from our past web presence and, simultaneously, a work in progress. We look forward to rolling out new functionality (particularly for our clients) and a wealth of additional information in the weeks and months ahead.

Which brings me to our logo — a representation of the noble cheetah, created in Egypt by an Egyptian artist. To herald the beginning of our new era, the reborn CI Capital draws inspiration from the cheetah, a native Egyptian animal prized — even deified — as far back as the time of the Pharaohs. The cheetah has served man as a hunter and courser and can be tamed, but never domesticated. It embodies speed, agility and intelligence — the same characteristics for which our clients turn to us for world-class brokerage, investment banking, asset management and research services.

Finally, I will close with a sidebar: This note marks the first and last time in which our Thought Leadership section will focus on internal matters; our intention going forward is that this space will serve as a corporate blog in which staff at all levels across the firm can share their insights into the forces, products and services shaping our nation and our industry landscape.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for taking the time to read this and for your continued trust as valued clients, friends and colleagues.

Mahmoud Attalla
Chief Executive Officer